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Randers, dk
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Noob-kiter. During this years summer-vacation I re-discovered the joy (and thrill), of flying a kite. Must be.... over 25 years since I last flew a kite. Long story short, a sudden impulse made me by a delta 2-liner in a souvenir/tourist-shop/trap. Just a cheap one, thought that we could pass a couple of hours with it, and introduce my 2-year old daughter, and her friend, to kites. Huge success, mostly for the two dads. The girls attention-span cuts out in about 5 minutes, and theres lots of other stuff, that demands their attention. Like pretty stones, wild flowers and water-balloons... But the daddy´es had great fun with the cheap delta-stunters, so much in fact, that a couple of days later, we both upgraded to some better quality kites from Wolkenstürmer. Since coming home from the vacation, I have been busy putting a new kitchen in our house, so not much time for training with the kites. Has also been raining, A LOT, the last couple of weeks, so not ideal kite-weather anyhoot. So, all in all, since I got bitten by the kite-bug, I has´nt got much more than 10 hours flying the things... So very very much a beginner, but definately bitten by a mad kite, and can´t wait for some decent weather, and time, to go flying again. Any spare-time during this rainy summer, is being used scampering through kite-forums, and kite-webshobs. So many nice kites.... Would like a bigger delta (the Wolkenstürmer is around 180cm span).... Oh, and then I´m from Denmark, married, has a wonder-tastic 2-year old daughter (born pre-mature, so she´s a fighter. If she was´nt, she would´nt be with us today), and other hobbies include reading (mostly biographyes and military history), doodling about in my hobby-workshop and spending time with my wife and my daughter.... My Noob-kitebag : Wolkenstürmer Devil - Kite-wishes : JoE Talon UL - MBcustoms Webbed Synthesis - BMK Mamba and Mamba UL - BMK Muse - SportKiteDesign Seven SUL - Aerostar Sano SS and SSL - Peter Betancourt Warrior- Level One Thors Hammer - And a host of other kites, for example from l´Atelier, Benson, R-Sky.... And thats just for 2-liners, there´s also all the fun, impressive, beautiful one-liners in all shapes and sizes... Kites under way : JoE Talon UL (custom colours) - Ordered 14/08-2009 SportKiteDesign Seven SUL - "Pre-ordered" 16/08-2009
Favorite Music:
TV-2 Die Toten Hosen Johnny Cash And a lot of other stuff....

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